Denka's Elastomers & Performance Plastics strengthens the development of proprietary technology in chloroprene rubber, functional resin, acetyl chemicals businesses.

Special Conductive Materials Dept. is transferred to Electronics & Innovative Products Div. from Elastomers & Performance Plastics on 1st Apr 2018.

Elastomers Dept.

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We supply long-time seller products worldwide, such as Synthetic rubber called DENKA CHLOROPRENE and others using the advantaged limestone and hydroelectric power generation.

Product Information

Chloroprene rubber has many superior characteristics compared to natural and even other synthetic rubber types, so it has numerous applications. In particular, its possible uses have been expanded to civil engineering/construction and precision components as well. Our company meets such needs by providing a wide range of grades such as special denatured types, and latex best suited to making aqueous adhesives, etc.

"DENKA ER" is a copolymer of ethylene, vinyl acetate, acrylic acid ester, independently developed by our company, as a special rubber offering superb heat and oil resistance. It is effective for achieving higher performance in various types of mechanical components.