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We offer a wide range of synthetic resins that are useful in your life as well as friendly to the global environment. Our products include rain gutters, and agriculture, functional films, electrical tape(vinyl tape), packing tapes, synthetic fibers, and food packaging sheets.

Housing Materials Department

Our housing materials and environmentally friendly materials include a selection of products with reliable quality, including such construction materials and home products as Toyo Gutters, a pioneer in plastic rain gutters, and underground drainpipes used in agricultural and civil engineering applications.

Social Life Products Department

Our industrial materials include adhesive tapes for applications ranging from industrial to home use, including VINI-TAPE(electrical tape) for electrical insulation, and adhesive packing tapes. We also develop unique products based on leading-edge processing technologies, including TOYOKALON, fibers used in fashion wigs and hair pieces; and CALALYAN Y FILM, a special PE film that can be torn crosswise by hand.

Environmental Film Department

“DX Film” is PVDF(PolyVinylidene DiFluoride)based alloyed film, which consist of the general fluoride characteristics (weather resistance,・contamination resistance, and chemical resistant property), and the excellent laminatability to the other materials. “TEFKA” is ECTFE(copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene)based film with the high level of transparency and the flame retardance.

Household Packaging Materials Department

Food packaging is the main target of our household packaging materials. These materials form our plastic wrapping material business, in close collaboration with our Chiba Plant, Isesaki Plant, and DENKA POLYMER (molding and processing business). This department integrates research, development, and manufacturing from upstream to downstream, doing everything from primary processing of styrene monomers and polymers or sheets and films, to manufacturing such finished products as containers. Leveraging its strength of high added value, its business is actively focused on large demand centers.

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