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Carbide generates acetylene gas when reacted with water. This acetylene gas is used for welding/cutting, and also as a base material for products formed through organic synthesis.

A sintering type synthetic flux which has become possible by applying the steel additive manufacturing technologies acquired over many years by our company, demonstrating highly efficient desulfurizing and deacidifying capabilities. Effective in the cleaning processing for molten steel, suitable for various refining methods, while retaining its extremely efficient desulfurizing and deacidifying capabilities.

"DENKA ALUMINA CEMENT" is manufactured by melting and firing lime and alumina materials (alumina, bauxite, etc.), and is used as an indispensable material for making castable refractories, which typically are irregular-shaped refractories. Aside from refractories, it is also widely used in fields such as civil engineering, construction material, catalyst, etc.

"FIRELEN" is a composite refractory material developed by our company as a world first, containing 75% - 80% Si3N4 content and 12% - 17% free iron content.

DENKA ALCEN is a polycrystalline alumina short fiber. Consisting mainly of alumina and silica, alumina fibers are used as fire-resistant and thermal-insulation materials for high-temperature environments. Its areas of application encompass a range of fields, including as a thermal insulation material used in steel, metal and ceramics manufacturing and as material for automobile parts.