Denka's Elastomers & Performance Plastics strengthens the development of proprietary technology in chloroprene rubber, functional resin, acetyl chemicals businesses.

Special Conductive Materials Dept. is transferred to Electronics & Innovative Products Div. from Elastomers & Performance Plastics on 1st Apr 2018.


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Elastomers & Acetylene Black Dept. Telephone +81-3-5290-5550 FAX +81-3-5290-5400
Styrene Dept. Telephone +81-3-5290-5552 FAX +81-3-5290-5083
Performance Plastics Dept. Telephone +81-3-5290-5553 FAX +81-3-5290-5503
Acetyl Chemicals Dept. Telephone +81-3-5290-5551 FAX +81-3-5290-5080