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Denka’s Healthcare Businesses

As of April 1, 2017

Having achieved a strong track record over its more than 65 years in the healthcare field, the Denka Group currently operates businesses that offer comprehensive assistance to medical specialists on a number of fronts ranging from illness prevention, health examination and disease diagnosis to treatment. Having accumulated strengths in biotechnologies such as fermentation techniques and antigen, antibody and enzyme reactions, we are developing a wide range of businesses, including vaccines, diagnostic reagents, and macromolecular sodium hyaluronate preparations.

Vaccines and diagnostic reagents are expected to play a greater role as the world’s medical care needs shift from treatment toward preventive medicine and early diagnosis. We are actively promoting R&D on point of care testing with molecular diagnostics, recombinant protein production using plants, and other budding fields. We are also developing diagnostic reagents for tropical infectious diseases and new vaccines for seasonal influenza. We are developing a business centered on cancer gene mutation tests and information services, while moving ahead with the development of manufacturing processes for cancer treatment drugs based on viral culture techniques.

In April 2017, Denka established the Life Innovation Division to oversee and more intensively promote all of the Group’s healthcare businesses. We have positioned healthcare as a next-generation mainstay business and as the core of our business portfolio reform as we promote active business expansion.


The Life Innovation Research Institute,
the Denka Group’s central location for healthcare research


Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.’s Kagamida Plant,
which has an integrated production system for diagnostic reagents

植物によるたんぱく質産生技術「magnICON」を有する「Icon Genetics」

An experiment underway at Icon Genetics,
which possesses magnICON recombinant protein production technology using plants


Denka Life Innovation Research,
Denka’s first overseas healthcare research location