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Denka’s Automotive Businesses

As of April 1, 2017

The automotive industry has reached a major turning point in terms of the feasibility of self-driving cars and eco-friendliness thanks to electric and fuel cell vehicles. Going forward, development will be disruptive, an altogether different perspective than just trying to incrementally evolve existing technology. To achieve this innovation, manufacturing technology is vital to automobile and component makers, as is their approach to raw materials.

Denka has a long track record in the automotive field with such products as highly thermally conductive electronic circuit substrates, ceramics, adhesives for construction use, and synthetic rubbers like chloroprene and ultra-pure acetylene black, which is used in lithium-ion batteries. Employing inorganic and organic chemical technology, we have perfected various component technologies, including macromolecular design, plastic processing, high heat resistance, high heat conductivity, and adhesives for construction use. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the revolution in automotive technologies.

The Automotive Materials & Solutions (AMS) Department provides products and solutions, targeting issues encountered by developers of next-generation automotive technologies. The department brings together Denka’s technologies as it pushes ever onward to help create environment-friendly, safe, and attractive cars.

Products for Automobiles and new development for next generation(PDF:562KB)

Denka’s Automotive Businesses

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