Denka's Elastomers & Performance Plastics strengthens the development of proprietary technology in chloroprene rubber, functional resin, acetyl chemicals businesses.

Special Conductive Materials Dept. is transferred to Electronics & Innovative Products Div. from Elastomers & Performance Plastics on 1st Apr 2018.

Styrene & Acetyl Chemicals Dept.

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Styrene & Acetyl Chemicals Department handles styrene monomer, DENKA EVA TEX produced at Chiba Plant, and DENKA POVAL, DENKA SAKNOHOL produced at Omi Plant.

Product Information

Styrene Monomer

Styrene monomer is widely used in resin compounding (polystyrene, foamed polystyrene, ABS resin, unsaturated polyesters, etc.).


"DENKA SAKNOHOL" is a granular vinyl acetate resin that is soluble in organic solvents. It is widely used in various adhesives and coating agents.


POVAL (chemical name: polyvinyl alcohol) is a white, crystalline or powdery, water-soluble synthetic resin. It was first used in manufacturing half a century ago, and remains in widespread use both in Japan and abroad as a functional material with many features. Especially in recent years, its use as an environmentally compatible material is attracting public attention.


A copolymer emulsion of acetic acid vinyl and ethylene, being chemically and mechanically stable, having excellent mutual solubility with solvents, plasticizing agents, and various types of emulsion, as well as excellent performance with filling agents and pigments as an admixture. As a coating film, it offers excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, weatherproofing, and resistance to aging. It has many applications, including as an adhesive, as an adhesion enhancer for mortar, as paint, etc.


"DENKA ASR" is a special vinyl acetate polymer-based granular resin.