「Possibility of Chemistry.」Denka Co.,Ltd.

The Denka Group Guidelines (established in 2007)

Based on our corporate philosophy, these ten guidelines represent our “corporate manifesto” aimed at fulfilling our social responsibilities.

1. We will promote sustainable social and business development out of a conviction that corporate social responsibility is the essence of business.

2. While constantly ensuring quality to maintain customer trust, we will contribute to sound social progress by developing and supplying products and services that are safe and environment friendly.

3. We will operate fairly.

4. We will maintain a good level of communication with society and disclose appropriate information.

5. We will comply with laws and regulations and operate fairly according to social norms.

6. We will maintain safe, clean and comfortable workplaces and respect all basic human rights.

7. We will use, reuse and recycle resources to help protect the environment.

8. We will maintain security and disaster prevention measures, participate in environmental protection activities and communicate with society.

9. We will contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.

10. We will contribute to social development as a good member of the global community.